Video: PBS Kids ID Montage (1999-2008)

All regularly aired PBS Kids IDs from 1999 to 2008. New IDs are currently replacing these old ones. (A few IDs were shown for a brief period of time during the kids preschool block from 2006-2007. For those, see this video: ) --Original view count: 20,755-- NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Note: Though the content is not mine, this IS my OWN compilation of IDs. It seriously took me forever to find them all on TV and put them together. I edited this video, too. So PLEASE do not copy this vid as your own; be respectful and enjoy :) Dash Dot Dash Transforms Dot Transforms Fish Bowl Snow Globe Ants Sprinkler Fireflies Nest Pond Bugs Aquarium Dust Sandbox Bubbles Rock Climbing Fireworks Kite Magnet Dandelions Static Camera Telescope Carrots Balls Sheep Frog Puddles Vents

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